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Arielle Soucy est une chanteuse, multi-instrumentiste, auteure- compositrice-interprète, productrice et réalisatrice Montréalaise. Bien que sa musique soit principalement un mélange entre le folk et le soul, ses influences sont très variées. Elle s'intéresse à la place du silence dans la musique; ses chansons sont à la fois douces, amères, calmes, simples, intimes, surprenantes et vivifiantes, étoffées de riches arrangements vocaux. L’artiste a autoproduit ses deux premiers EP, Shame and Waterway et Unresolved Collection et travaille présentement sur son prochain album.


Arielle is a singer, multinstrumentalist, composer and songwriter living in Montreal. Although her music is mostly a blend between folk and soul, her influences are very diverses; baroque counterpoint, psych-pop, minimalism or jazz are some of them. Fascinated by the human voice, she studied classical singing technique in Concordia University and spent many years singing professionally in church choirs. She is very inspired by sacred music in her work; her musical esthetic is about intuitively balancing formal/sonic intricacies and soulfullness in a simple and universal way. She is also interested by the place silence takes in music; her sound is simultaneously spacious, calm, nostalgic and uplifting.

Truly great music, whatever the intentions of the composer of the context in which it is performed, is “sacred” to the degree that it directs us away from the ego, and which brings a wide appeal because it speaks to a humanity united by shared frailty, doubt, and a desire to admire something transcendent; and in this regard it is a remarkably durable vehicle in which to convey the message of faith, or at least mystery.” - Jonathan Arnold

— Sacred Music in Secular Society


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